How To Keep Your Teenage Children Safe Behind the Wheel

10/12/2018 14:43

After taking the bus for years and staying in the safety of their school or home, your teenage children are ready to drive. After sleepless nights, soccer games or science fair projects, your children will drive themselves to school and other places with a car of their own. It is time to hand over the keys and let your teen driver take your car for a spin. This is enough to cause parents to have a full-blown anxiety attack. However, No matter how many safety discussions you have about safety, new teenage drivers are inexperienced and distracted most of the time. This is one of the many reasons why teenagers are more likely to be involved in an accident. 

Parents can talk to their children about the dangers of traffic and the roads and encourage them to develop better driving habits. You should remind them about the dangers of distracted living; no talking on the cell phone, no texting, no taking selfies and definitely no talking with the friends taking their eyes off the road. Parents should teach them to prepare for the road before they set out so they don't get distracted.

With a GPS tracking unit, you can see where your teenager is going. This helps you to identify whether he or she is obeying rules you have established, such as where and when they are allowed to drive. A GPS tracking service can also notify you when your teenager is speeding and will give you alerts about vehicle maintenance that can keep your kid safe on the road. And if you ever have trouble locating your teenager – whether they are a victim of a criminal act, are involved in an accident, or won’t answer their cell phone – you can find out exactly where the vehicle is located.

Since vehicle crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths, parents who are concerned and worried can now track their teen’s driving through vehicle tracking devices. You can check things like the speed they are driving, their braking and acceleration, or where they are located. All that is needed to track your teen’s driving is a small GPS tracking device that you plug into the diagnostic port of the car (located under the dashboard on the left side, typically).

You can instill good driving habits in your teen. You can also let them know that if they choose not to drive safely, you will take their keys away and revoke their driving privileges. Driving safety should be a regular conversation in your home.